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The Future of Mobile Devices

Greetings all,   We would like to wrap up our coverage of mobile devices by asking what the future might hold for the classrooms of the future. Here is some material to start off the discussion:   This is a PDF of studies, projects, and a lesson plan involving learning through the use of mobile … Continue reading

Policies About Mobile Devices That Are Helpful

This is an article by the ASCD, on mobile devices transforming education. This talks about how research and funding from the U.S. Depart of Education’s National Educational Technology Plan has helped bring about changes in the way mobile devices are used and encouraged in classrooms.  Devices used range from I-pads to Nintendo DS to cell … Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Greetings Class, Today’s theme is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Devices in the Classroom. We welcome you to visit: http://admin.teachhub.com/13-reasons-using-technology-classroom http://admin.teachhub.com/advantagesdisadvantages-ipad-classroom With that in mind we have a question to kick off the discussion. After reviewing the following articles, what do you personally think are the advantages/disadvantages of having mobile devices in the classroom? How … Continue reading


Hello Class! Our group invites you to engage in an online discussion with us on some of the most crucial topics about the current issue, Mobile Devices in the Classroom. The topics we will be covering over the course of the week are: Monday, September 22, 2014:                   Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhones and iPads … Continue reading